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“””A new wave of school reform is about to break. Will it change classrooms for the better?”””

This is the link to a overall special report, and includes the link to the intro, and the 3 stories, one for each phase/ stage of the New Wave of School Reform. It’s just one magazine’s take, and Washington Monthly’s politics are described as left of center…probably the Clinton sort of middle of the road democrat viewpoint. So one would need to read other sources to get a well rounded view of these enormous actions/ changes underway.

Since a lot of this is pretty much new to me, and may be new to others here as well, I’m posting it as a start to the needed work we will have to do to be informed on all this.

“Grand Test Auto” is the story on the third stage, which is being developed now at OLI, Kahn Academy, Knewton etc. All 3 stories taken together form quite a map to the future changes in education. As proposed anyway. No, I haven’t read it all yet.

As with all proposed actions, one never really knows how things will end up being done, until it’s tried. Anything this “Big” will certainly have unintended consequences, and create unforeseen problems, and push back from various quarters as interests get stepped on, or fears are generated of change being the wrong change.