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The course for mobile learning is set up on a wiki and interfaces with Google groups, Face Book groups, twitter, Delicious bookmarks, and You Tube video.

Getting you up-to-date with mobile learning and providing you the tools to plan, develop and implement a mobile learning solution in your environment via collaboratively discussing and exchanging knowledge through a variety of learning activities.The course starts with basic concepts of mLearning and goes on to cover a variety of topics related to mLearning. The topics in the third week were chosen online by people interested in following MobiMOOC2012.
I plan on participating in some of this course that runs from 9/8-9/30. Looks like an interesting use of free social media to create a free course.

The end result seems to be a template to develop a mobile learning solution. I suppose this could be a commercial site, but worth checking out for what I can learn about using free social media.

I’m not so sure about the webinars as being free since they mention Blackboard Collaborate, Big Blue Button. They also have extrinsic incentives…a reward for participating in all the topics!