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Mobility Graphic from Time magazine (large)

From a certain newsweekly, as in “the space-blank continuum”…fill in the blank. Using the developer menu in Safari, it was easy to find the graphic and download it. More to the point, facscinating comparison of mobile use around the world…. hopefully accurate…or close to.

One might notice that just slightly over 50% of US surveyed said Mobile Tech has improved life in my country in general. UK majority did NOT agree that life was improved in general. China 80% plus agreed.

Less than 40% of US responders said mobile tech had improved educational options. Or perhaps since it’s new as education, maybe that should be read as nearly 40% did say mobile tech had improved ed. options.
upon closer review, I’m not so sure how comprehensive a survey this was…
TIME, in cooperation with Qualcomm, surveyed 4,700 people online and 300 by phone in eight countries, from June 29 to July 28. For 8 countries, those numbers seem pretty small to get very comprehensive results for billions of people involved…