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The M channel is akin to a broadcast network with its own news, entertainment and sportscasts localized for cities and even neighborhoods, he said. But there’s more: It will supersize the experience by directing viewers online for shopping or other opportunities.

John Griffith on 11 Oct 12

This idea of putting a live “billboard” into various spaces, which then can be used to redirect “viewers” to specific websites and/or activity logins, is part of the bigger idea of curation and directing eyeballs. Something that’s similar: the backchannel in an online course or webinar…where “behind or next to the main activity area” additional “places to be/ go” can be “offered”…perhaps by peers.

In fact, this would be one way of having a place where collaboration would be encouraged, and learning support might be shared among students/ clients. Peers suggest links, in a visual way, and synchronously, as well as asynchronously.

Hotspots could exist in real life locations as well that supplied, as the M channel does, redirection for Mobile devices.

Could use in meetings, conferences, facilitation, or other informal learning situations. Say in the workplace…for the cafeteria, or other space where workers would spend time. Or even perhaps as mobile device support on the job.

When the freezer repair guy was working at my house recently, we looked up parts online, and then called someone for some advice. He could have also been directed to a real time “conference” of repair specialists where he might have gotten his “answer”… or learned ESL while sitting in his truck waiting for something else.