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If you know something…you can find a market. If you don’t know something, you can find a seller.

And one might also see this as grass roots professional development…where peer to peer is as good as or better than third party training…or the beginnings of that kind of relationship……. Independent “operators” or “agents” rather than members of a circumscribed institution.

Free agents…to use another term.

gary575 on 04 Oct 12

This certainly deals with one of my pet peeves with the K-12 “system”.

After seeing all the materials my daughter collects and time she spends to develop lesson plans, I asked (more than once and pretty strongly) as she was beginning he teaching, doesn’t the school or your faculty advisor or maento provide you with “best practices” examples from prior classes to use or modify. The answer was a resounding NO!.

Nothing makes less sense than 100,000’s of teachers across the country all re-inventing the wheel.

If the “institution” had its head screwed on right, it could reward the best course developers by paying them extra to provide their work to fellow teachers in the school, district or state. DUH!

John Griffith on 11 Oct 12

Support for innovation, wherever it happens to come from, should be in any organizations DNA. Teachers en masse are a tremendous resource to support educational progress…and we may hope that new ways to unleash this capability will grow.

Looking ahead to a brave new world, teachers may become more like independent agents in certain models of how education is “done”…and they may in some essential ways, use their peer group for professional development…especially perhaps in developing appropriate ways to in fact “be a teacher” online. It may be, as Marx suggested, the “state” withers away when it comes to top down control and admin of education.