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  • gary575 on 14 Oct 12
    WESST in Albuquerque looks a lot different than WESST in Las Cruces. Note Use @1 for the facility – e-learning content.
  • John Griffith on 15 Oct 12
    I’m guessing there could be a story about how you found this link? Says “Comcast” all over it…but it seems to have had a lot of different contributors including state of NM. I had never heard about the Women’s Economic Self Sufficiency Team before, but that’s a nice looking little studio space/ and viewing theater. “E-learning for Entrepreneurs”…the way they phrase it. So, it has come to this, everyone’s doing it?

    The PSA Digital Media Studio is similarly “under construction”…although I don’t think we’ll be able to shoot the NMSU marching band on our stage. Though we could drop them in as greenscreen background if somebody goes out and shoots some video of them “marching”…

    Yes, as you point out, there’s a WESST here in Las Cruces too…

    WESST is also a participant in the SBA’s microloan program. The Microloan Program provides small short-term loans to help eligible borrowers start or grow a business. WESST is one of two SBA-approved microlenders in the state of New Mexico with loans ranging from $200 – $10,000 for start-up businesses and up to $50,000 for existing businesses.

    Venture Cap, in other words….

  • gary575 on 15 Oct 12
    A little “nit”; loans are definitely not investment capital (i.e. equity). Loans may reduce the capital required to fund the development and growth of a company, but do not replace it.

    My main point in circulating the article was to note that Las Cruces lacks any professional studio and yet Albuquerque which has a major league commercial facility is the local which is constructing the new facility. Some how LC hasn’t figured out how to achieve the requisites of economic growth.

  • John Griffith on 17 Oct 12
    Tongue was a bit in cheek on Venture Cap….my online persona language usage can be a little “flip”…similarly we are always hearing about startups “financed” by credit cards. Which is a cool idea, imo. Then there’s those online “fund a project” sites, where one can amass a number of micro contributions toward “capitalizing” a startup product or service.

    There’s actually “production studios” connected with LCPS….although we don’t “hear” about them. Earl Philips formerly employed by LCPS as a kind of special projects incubator, knows all about them…Kris and I should get back in touch with Earl…as Earl had a little company that sourced media equipment for schools in the region, and west TX.

    Which is not to say we are looking to actually create a studio, or spend the funds necessary. Just turns out one can do an awful lot using a few inexpensive tools, and do the high production values using affordable software.