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  • nmkris on 31 Oct 12
    video maker for free
  • John Griffith on 01 Nov 12
    Machinima is a virtual realty “video”…which is another way of saying, an animation.Animation is a tricky undertaking…. sometimes “low resolution” is an advantage…using stick figure drawings can work. OTOH, Gaming resolution gets better and better as hardware improves. Sites such as “Second Life” try to provide as “realistic” a virtual environment as the technology can support…and at a certain point, it’s real enough to take on it’s own dynamic “presence” even though we know it’s not really real…

    And the ultimate standard of creating virtual reality that is indistinguishable from “filmed” reality gets closer every year.

    (Then there’s the “uncanny valley” phenomena, where virtual reality gets close enough to what we are used to seeing, that we suddenly find it objectionable…

    Go animate is kind of Voki with a bit more resolution…no worries about encountering uncanny valley there.
    But what will students expect to see, and will they consider some animation too “lame” or “not cool enough” or amateurish?

    What level of resolution might a course developer “shoot for” is a judgement call, and changing all the time.