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Is this entertainment, or a learning experience?
“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now”

Where does art belong in our categories of online experiences?
Not talked about much as part of “online learning”, but in other times and cultures, art was often a primary way of learning in “public spaces”. David being a “teaching moment”…or if you prefer, “the Last Supper” and mythological “events” depicted for our benefit, and “School of Athens”, et al.

Visual puns can be a powerful “graphic element” in presentations, ads, courses trainings and other DLE. McCluhan’s “The Medium is the Massage” is full of them. So are many of the viral videos.

Clearly a “viral video” youTube is not what we know as “education” per se.
But it’s a big part of the way “everybody” learns today. How to talk about this?