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As being virtually connected to medical and healthcare tools and prodecures and diagnostic databases proceeds apace, people are learning medicine at home. Use the analytic tool, and “treat yourself”… hey I’m a healthcare professional…do I get a certificate or some kind of qualification for learning this?

Compare this kind of learning to what “professionals” get in “schools”. At some point, there’s going to be an great deal of overlap between important parts of that and what people are going to be doing “on their own”. Learning must be involved in developing that “on their own” capability. What do we call that learning?

There’s somebody formerly attached to the LC Hospice who is now offering help to people who need to “learn” about their own medical/ healthcare methods, practices, and “how to do it right/ best”… This is teaching and learning, there’s information being massaged and inculcated, facilitated, taught and infused….a virtual guide to your “learning how” medicine works, for you.

As important as any other kind of learning. But in a newly defined package of elements, with it’s own motivators, it’s own “results”, it’s own methods of learning/ “education”.

They are literally trying to figure it out on the fly, by doing some of it, in fairly low invested situation, so they can learn on the go about what the customer is willing to pay for. Kind of a lean startup approach. Where did they learn how to do this? Can we copy parts of their methods for PSA DLE?