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Another way to look at “learning”, and how we might “accomplish learning” online through various tools.

An employer, or a admissions officer at a U, or even a GED course administrator…or the recruiting officer for the Army/Navy/AirForce/Mariens… “give credit” for life experience in some situations and circumstances. Advance placement, or hired at a higher salary or position because of life experience, or given a certain opportunity or rank, or “track” etc.

Say there are two job or placement candidates. One has “life experience” and one doesn’t. Using today’s communication and learning possibilities, is there a way that we can equip the person without the life experience with essentially the same capabilities?

If so, how would we do it? Let’s assume we wouldn’t tell them to go take a HS course, or College Course. Let’s assume we could somehow understand and “transfer” life experience to the “candidate”. Or help them transfer it to themselves. What would that process be called?

We can be sure others are examining these questions too, and wondering how to do it using today’s communication tech/ ed tech/ online tools. Point is, it will be dawning on more or less everyone that there’s new ways to learn things, better ways, perhaps less expensive ways, and for not only the traditional things we call education, but for many many aspects of life where we learn in less formalized ways.

People will give many names to this activity. Whatever it is called, I think we will want to understand that the tools and methods will often apply across a great deal of the spectrum we now call “learning” and lots of things we don’t use that word for. Fields that seemed to previously not be related, will turn out to be addressable by similar “learning methodologies/ technologies”.