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  • gary575 on 12 Nov 12
    Disruption in search of profit.
  • John Griffith on 12 Nov 12
    This is a good updater on LMS etc…cool.
    NMSU is now working with Canvas, btw. At least Part of the university is…

    Story reminds me a bit of the “evolution” of IDEALNM, the entity that “grew from” the network of educational institutions in NM… at a certain point when they had online courses up and running that students throughout the state could “take”, IDEALNM had to negotiate how the student’s “tuition” was going to be divided up. Some for IDEALNM, and some for the schools, and this was “virtual money” in a sense because it was coming from the state per student to start with. Funding for public schools in NM partially coming from a formula based on number of students that the Legislature then funds through NMPED.

    Plus local taxes. But the point is, costs and expenses and “income” needed to be renegotiated…there’s more to that story, but I won’t go into all of it here. Yet.