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Another take on websites, and organization. There’s no way at this point PSA will be all by itself, as good ideas will occur to many at the same time. Or people will hear of and replicate a good idea.

We know there are over 900 non profit orgs in SNM, and don’t know, but probably even more in NNM… Niches are out there, but also will be filled by some of the really big Non Profits out there… Ed alerted me that this could happen with something like FYI, and I recall something like Community Action Agency also being very large and usually reaching for whatever opportunities they can find out there.

When the time has come for an idea to blossom, many are attracted to the sweet nectar.

“””””The Learning Alliance is being incubated by the Partnership for Community Action under the leadership of Adrián Pedroza, Executive Director. About Adrián Pedroza Adrián A. Pedroza is the Executive Director of the Partnership for Community Action, a community-based organization that works to build strong, healthy communities throughout New Mexico by investing in people and families- helping them become strong leaders in neighborhoods and throughout the state.””””