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  •  Gary: Is there hope? Note APLU funding by Gates – I wonder what, if anything, this means at NMSU.
  • John Griffith on 15 Nov 12
    NMSU is a member of APLU, and that group has sponsored a consortia of online class support done through Carnegie Mellon Federal grant and auspices, that Kris and I found out about must be about a year ago now?On the one hand, recent critiques of NMSU have stated that it is disjointed and disorganized. OTOH, that might leave gaps for change to happen in. One would think that being sort of off the beaten path here, NMSU would realize the importance of keeping up with latest…as pressure on enrollments would likely show up in a place like this first…OTOH, NMSU is a research university, and I haven’t seen models on what that sort of university looks like after online ed tidal wave has crashed through re-arranging the landscape.

  • John Griffith on 15 Nov 12
    Certification is where the bottleneck is, and the key to open the gates to all players who want to offer DLE.Perhaps we’ll find a new way of having the requisite badges….maybe a sort of vest like the boyscouts and Chamber of Commerce wear, except a virtual vest. This is a repost, but that short video on TinCan references this a bit.
  • gary575 on 15 Nov 12
    I have to reply to the “Research University” which NMSU tries to attach. There is no doubt that research takes place – but I ask where does it not.? I know we have PSL and Ag gets some credit for Israeli crop growth, but the aggregate level of activity seems to be very low on a national scale.If NMSU’s future viabillity will be measured on this scale, there is as much work to be done here as on its football program – Division II or Division III seems the likely end.