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Not including the link here. Had some trouble with hacking when visiting this site back early in Nov. 2012. Whoever managed to “take over” my desktop, searched using google for WIC “Champion”… as if they were trying to find WIC leadership for whatever reason.

This is my Dan Rather “What’s the frequency Kenneth” moment, as if it didn’t happen to you it sounds very implausible. Since I’ve learned that NYTimes was hacked by inserting malware through a mere email that was opened.

Anyway, it’s womensinterculturalcenter with a dot org after it if you are feeling lucky. The post was originally from Kris.

Here’s the comments from the earlier Diigo PSA post:

  • nmkris on 09 Nov 12
  • You may already get this newsletter.  I noticed the class on citizenship. If  the immigration issue does pick up steam in Washington, perhaps we will see more attention to citizenship classes.

    This weeks newsletter has an opinion by Mary Carter as well as an article on the WIC citizenship class.

  • gary575 on 10 Nov 12
    As I understand it, the Obama “dream act mini” has already created an “unfillable” demand for GED training. Have you seen that here?
  • nmkris on 10 Nov 12
    In my experience, Adult Basic Education (ABE) has always been underfunded compared to the need for esl/literacy/Ged/citizenship. The program is managed by different entities in different states.

    In NM, DACC provides ABE, as do other agencies. The program is funded federally through the Workforce Investment Act:

    I’m not sure of the level of funding from the State at this time. The State library also provides some funding for literacy training, but this has become less over the last few years.