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From Oct 12 2012, a day which saw beaucoup posts for PSA Resources. Not really news a few months later in Feb 2013…but the focus on accreditation “gateway” or “bottleneck” is still news… as colleges and MOOC are talking about free online courses, but without credits. Or take the course free, but pay for the credits. OR sometimes get both free.

This is just a transitional stage to some new form of employability and capability-status markers for our society.

“Most universities, Vivek Wadhwa says, “will be in the accreditation business. They will monitor and sanction coursework; teachers will become mentors and guides, not deliver lectures and administer tests. This model has the potential to dramatically cut the cost of an education and virtually eliminate the need to borrow for one”, he says.

John with PSA has been speculating similar since around 2007…that educational establishment will transition to “Accreditation Business”…and today there’s evidence this change is already underway. High School already has the GED, so there’s less transition needed there to go off the educational reservation.

What is less clear is what will happen with k-8 and early HS years..most children need nurturing and in loco parentis and should have a safe and monitored place to spend their days…even if learning is taking place through a “non classroom” model.