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A good “thread” started by Gary from last year, but important imho.

gary575 on 30 Oct 12

Interesting in context of last week’s exchange on Education versus Training (vs Learning?)

John Griffith on 01 Nov 12

Yes, people are doing necessary thinking trying to understand Learning in different ways, different contexts, different technologies. I’ve been trying to make the point that this understanding requires a “zooming out” to the highest level of categorization… is it a Defined Learning Experience, or is it an Undefined Learning experience.

At that level of abstraction we can start fresh to describe what people (and society) “want to or need to accomplish” and how it might best be “done”…by who etc etc.Easier conceptually to just sort of start over with the broadest categories, and define anew as we zoom in to lower and more specific levels.

Of course, that’s not usually what humans do as a group…instead we try to make the old terms and concepts conform somehow to the new realities. Which causes a lot of trouble!

One thing mentioned here that seems an important focus is what will the relationship be between mobile learning time slices which can happen anywhere at any time…and the need for children to have a “safe place” to hang out that is “monitored” and “protected” by adults? With parents not at home…it’s a big need…

Of course some would say how safe are our present schools, where terrible things can and do occur. Hard to imagine the warehousing function in a new world where physical presence in one location isn’t required for DLE.

gary575 on 01 Nov 12

John, I am still struggling with “DLE” – what it is and how it adds anything to the conversation. I am still confused as to who defines “defined” – the teacher/creator/school or the learner/trainee/student/consumer.

I guess I fall back to the socratic methodology of law school where the teaching is based on “process” rather than facts/ Developing skills of critical thinking (questioning) and some amout of research skill. It is this latter aspect which has been most disrupted by the digital world. It seems like the challenge in education is to better enable the former.

John Griffith on 01 Nov 12

Trying to find a way around previous boxes in thinking about learning using online tools. Needed a new term that was the broadest category that could include experiences where various Learning elements are combined in new ways. Got tired of saying “course” when it wasn’t really a “course”, or “training” when it wasn’t really a “training” etc.

In the brave new world “creators” and “users” define the “learning experience” together…which is hard to talk about, but very much part of the new reality. But not to beat you over the head with this… if it doesn’t fit a need for you, don’t worry.

I do have the need for a term that’s expansive enough to cover hybrid amalgamations of various kind of learning activities, so at least I’m happy with DLE, but that’s just me. Your suggestions about what might be part of learning methodologies are good, but not exclusive.

What will the new packages that mediate those methodologies be called? I guess we’ll find out. It’s a conversation that will come up again, and worth having. What is learning, and what activities are we going to define as included in “learning” and what are we not going to include as learning…a topic with a lot of application today…at least in my mind. =^)