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The Internet will not ruin college –

Just one of many pundit opinions in the ongoing assessment of what the online learning revolution will bring, look like, or consist of.

The essential insight has been with us for a number of years now…and it goes like this: Higher Ed and other education establishment has very high costs as presently constituted. Online education aggregates markets for the same “learning materials and vehicles” thereby reducing “per seat” costs. Therefore: Online Education will push higher cost education out of the market at some as yet to be determined rate.

What is being determined now, is what the new education and learning business model will look like.  Which has to account for the fact that “accreditation gates” that used to funnel “income” to educational institutions are clearly going to work differently.

Accreditation is in flux, and would seemingly “have to” land someplace where it’s not how or where you learned “it”…but can you demonstrate to employers (and social status gatekeepers) that you did learn it. Which fundamentally makes a whole lot more sense. Maybe you went to college forever, but really, what do you know now?

Or maybe someday even more importantly, what are your capabilities to learn continually?