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Dealing with Mindjet is just part of my weekly task list these days, like taking out the garbage. =^)

Or the whole thing with the “Coming Soon” plugin that fouled things up instead of adding a good function. Or…well, a long list of things. I don’t share every strange and/or vexing tech problem I run into, but there have been a number of bizarre circumstances to “navigate”…after a while one just comes to accept them as “hazards” of the game we are playing.

Like sand traps and water features on the golf course.

But in the tech world, that’s how it goes, there’s always some hassle to deal with…a new version of hardware or software, a new application to learn, and something or more than one something ALWAYS doesn’t work the way it’s “supposed” to. Often we are the “beta” testers that uncover what doesn’t work.

This is the reality for PSA, and for students too. Which is why “who does tech support” for online classes becomes a really big question. As Melissa Chavira was pointing out, and as we know, regular “teachers” don’t know tech support….and it’s too big a job too…so how to deal with it?

Social Learning Construct! SLC incorporates the task of tech support into the “group collaborative sphere”, or mini MOOC if you will, and the job at hand is distributed among all in the group…some of whom will know at least part of the tech support answer…and can be summoned by “broadcasting” the question to all in the group.

Hmmm, this sounds like it should be part of the Keynote we are going to make for Core Concepts…
=^) And maybe a post at

Sorry you are having ongoing tech problems here, and elsewhere. Least favorite part of this revolution in communication tech.