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Hey Gary,

Now that RSS is all set up…thanks to you actually…=^)

… did you know apple removed the RSS button from Safari browser tool bar…now you have to go find an extension or 3rd party app to easily access. Why would they do that? Dunno. But anyway, I’m finally using RSS again. “Trying to be good”.

Not sure about forum stuff initially… ambivalent about it for PSA site…unless it turns out it’s a feature many would “clamor” for…down the road. I like exchange of ideas though, so will continue to think about it more. But not right away.

Items higher on “fun if you want to do it” list might be a white paper on something…maybe on video streaming as part of courses…or whatever you know about… that might help others in online learning here get a “footing” in the topic. Would create it’s own page, or link to pdf or ppt or whatever format you like.

As you have noted, we have PSA Core Concepts which are also Value Propositions. Maybe you know about these Core Concepts, or one that we are “missing”… the thing is, you know a lot about some things that can be useful to express in a form of your choice and according to whatever inspires you to do it.
One of our big questions is how to seamlessly integrate various Third Party functions…such as the Diane Tavenner (sp?) was doing with her California charter school courses. Well, it sounded like it was seamlessly. Maybe I should contact her…or maybe you have some thoughts. Or both.

(I just searched for “Diane” at, and post about her was returned…KUHL.)

One wants to incorporate Kahn and Knewton and other adaptive learning real time stuff into a “regionally based” course, and do it “right”. Which would likely involve some tech research as well as how to “contract for immersing 3rd Party stuff into one’s own “courses”. As you can tell by my description of the “problem”, I haven’t really researched this yet, or even clearly understood the problems one would need to solve.

Also, is interested in Kaltura, which has various versions of hosting video streaming…I got as far as noting the plugin for WP is “out of date”, and posting a few links at…

Someone has to research what might be the best way for working with them, and get up to speed on the tech aspects. Could potentially be your mission, if you choose to accept it. This email will blow up in 30 seconds.

Actually, saw somewhere that a solution to the eternal nature of emails and twitters and Facebook stuff, might be messages and posts that self-destructed after a certain period of time….thus removing a permanent record of everything we have ever said from servers everywhere. Unless we really really wanted them to be permanent.