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Good curation Oh Famous One. There’s a few things that can make this post better:

1) add a category over on the right column, just click on the check box for Best Links Ever if it has links in it.

2) Add a tag in the Tag box right below it…

3) Activate the links in the post, by highlighting them, clicking on the “chain” button that will become non greyed out when you highlight the link, and pasting in the URL into the popup window. I can easily show you how to do this with a Skype screen share session in a couple minutes if you have any more questions. Happy to do it right now?

added this below later….

Gary, I just edited this post to add Category of Best Links Ever, which is were posts with links go, although a post can have more than one category if desired. Best Links Ever is the only present category with it’s own INDEX PAGE.

I also added a tag. You can re-edit this post as you desire, add or change tags, etc. Sometimes strange things happen with editing posts…and getting the link activation to work has been a problem on Kris’s computer for as yet unknown reason.

She’s missing the “second” row of Tiny MCE that enables linking, among other buttons. HOpe it’s there for you… greyed chain buttons until you select text for link that you have already put in the text entry box for post…then it “shows up” and you click on it, and enter the URL which might still be on your clipboard if you just pasted it into the text box.

We are also clicking on the “open in new window” checkbox in the popup.

Anyway, there’s a sort of protocol for doing a post that is easy when you know how, but perhaps a few stumbling points if you don’t, or as with Kris, your interface isn’t working the same as my WP admin.