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Josh Lobe who wrote the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin we’re using, responded to my query re the 2nd row of buttons disappearing for Kris and Gary… This sounds like it could be the answer, but we’ll have to await what happens when you do what he says. Pls lemme know if that works, or not.

On my edit post page, in the TinyMCE section, I see the “kitchen sink” hide/show in the top row second from the right end. It does make the second row go away, and return as Josh suggests. The question is whether it will make the second row return for you. And hopefully does’t make it disappear for me! Just kidding.


Hello John, and thank you for your support!!

Well, let’s first try the “kitchen sink” button. Tell your other users who are missing row 2 to hover over each button on the top row, until they see the tooltip popup that says “show/hide kitchen sink”. Then, click it’s corresponding button.

The purpose of this button is to expand/collapse row 2 of the editor. This is a default WP button.. and I have NO idea why it’s there. It has caused me more grief than anything… but some people apparently like it??

So, if that’s not the issue… please let me know.

Otherwise, let me know if it works for you.