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from Tom Bishop
Director Marketing and Communications

Interactive 24/7 Content: Why Online Presentations Belong In Every Digital Content Strategy — Every day you present your business using data sheets, slide shows, videos, and more. What if you could take the best parts of each method and put them all together?

The New Alchemy: How to Turn PowerPoint into Content Gold— This white paper shares three tips that all content marketers should consider for turning your existing PowerPoint slides into content gold.

Reuse, Recreate and Repurpose: 5 New Strategies for Today’s Video-Enabled World — This eBook showcases 5 new strategies to create online video content from material you already have in-house.

Divide to Conquer: How to Tame the Online Video Content Beast— This white paper shares a strategic, three-tiered approach to create video content within budget, including types of video and ideal applications to meet business needs.