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Willian Glasser PDF

William Glasser is known for work with Quality Schools. I went through his training in the early 1990’s to better understand how to motivate student behavior to produce quality work.

Glasser describes the basic intrinsic needs that drive us all: to survive, to belong, to gain power (respect), to be free, and to have fun (learning).

By creating conditions in schools that satisfy the basic needs, students will create create ” a personal picture album’ in their heads of this need satisfying experience.

John Griffith on 20 Aug 12

Kuhl. This reminded me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and then also our man Seligman’s Positive Psychology, and his recent book “Flourish”… we had some good dialogue about this earlier. Which I’m wondering now, where that is documented and stored. Email? MindMap. Here?