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LCPS has moved to revoke the charter for Los Montanas Charter HS, the one run by Jose Frietze’s big non profit “FYI”. Today’s LCPS BOD meeting will discuss proposed shut down, and the agenda for that meeting includes a detailed report of issues involved from the LCPS POV. (pages 4-58)

Since to some degree Los Montanas is using online classes, and attempting to serve “outlier” students, this story may have interest for educational reformers, from a number of perspectives.

(BTW, yesterday I drove by the handsome new building of the New America School downtown LC, which Kris and I attended their charter approval meeting a few years ago now. Be interesting to know how well they are doing, and what the differences in approach might be comparing them to Los Montanas…. as well as what LCPS is doing re New America… are they working well together… or should we expect to see a “move to revoke” their charter in the future?)