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Report released by NM IT dept on a range of issues for broadband in NM. (Nov. 2013) (link kudos to Gary)

Additional POV on future of broadband in NM:

Yesterday at the sleep clinic (I have sleep apnea) I quizzed the Polysomnographic-sist about his training and qualifications for his job position.

General sense is that there’s tons of medical related health care related niche “professions”…that are something less than what we might think of as professions, but that do require training, “education”, learning, and certification/ licensing albeit in a fairly narrow range of expertise.


This gentleman had not gotten University or DACC training…he had learned as an apprentice, and then by doing “modules” (DLE) online, and getting registered by a national private company, and a license from the state of NM. He’s required to do a certain amount of CEU (Continuing Ed Units) which I also quizzed him about…




At our meeting in the Sage Room, I ruminated about how both ED and HEALTHcare might well of necessity, and through distribution of tools, become social/ family/ tribal responsibilities. Do it yourself, if you will, because the tools are there, and it’s much too expensive to get it done through our present system of professionals and “we do it to you” education and healthcare.


The motivation is there now, the tools are coming in the next 2-5 years, and the cadre of “less than professionals” DIY within your family, social group… will be developed something like my Polysomnographic-sist. Essentially he knows how to hook sleep testees up to a lot of data sensors, and “read” the sleep drawing that results in the computer.


How many of those pieces to healthcare, and education, are there out there?? Enough to make it a huge part of the economy, and enough to form a new basis for “Doing” those two giant parts of being civilized.