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What kind of free train the trainer options are available to facilitators of learning in need of digital literacy themselves?  I found links to free digital literacy curriculum and train the trainer workshops by Microsoft.  Apparently, you don’t have to use Microsoft products to use the curriculum.  However, the e-learning examples are taken from Microsoft software since learning is more successful when in context.

Here is the Digital Literacy curriculum for learners.

Microsoft has a Train-the-Trainer  program that is part of their Partners in Learning.  It, in turn was developed in part with UNESCO as part of their ICT Competency Framework for Teachers.

I have not tried out the the four train the trainer workshops that they’ve built, but may try it:
Teaching with Technology (this is where UNESCO’s ICT Competency Framework for Teachers comes in)
21st Century Learning Design
Peer Coaching

Apparently, they also give you access to other material (Best Practices / Preparation / Product Training / Evaluation / Webcasts / Marketing) that they’ve developed.