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As we research and learn about “process support” that enables learners in a SLC, we look to find resources that can perhaps provide models to borrow or steal from. Here’s one very popular guy doing a series of “sessions” over a year or so, called “Foundations of Well Being”, by Rick Hanson.

This is also the part of the whole person that is often addressed by so called “soft skills” training, or learning.

We aren’t subscribing to any one philosophy, ideology, religion, or self help guru…for T3YBC…rather we, like Shakespeare and Steve Jobs (kudos to Gary) are stealing what we can use, and taking it back to the shop for repurposing.

As we may have noted in an early post/ link, the new Minerva higher education startup worked with “one of the world’s foremost psychologists” to help understand what learners need to learn. So Rick Hanson, who describes himself as a “neuro-psychologist” is perhaps a similar sort of “learning resource” to figuring out what learners need to be maximally successful in learning.

Alas this course costs $25 a month, so one wonders if the video below is more about selling us on his course, or about truly opening a door to “foundations of well being”. Perhaps it’s both? In any event, it’s an example of some of the “process support” stuff that’s out there.

And psychotherapists, social workers, and nurses can receive 24 continuing education credits for just $50.

It has been noted here before, that “professional development” is an area of learning ripe for disruption. Apparently Rick is doing some of that with his new program.