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One of the biggest stories in online access, and the future of mom and pop development of cloud based services, as well as the entire Telecom industry and the Internet too, continues with latest leaks and rumors and reports about what the FCC is up to re Net Neutrality rules.

Here’s a series of articles on the latest policy being floated by FCC and it’s Chair Mr. Wheeler.

NY Times

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post



There has been a lengthy and voluminous collection of input from representatives of most if not all the stakeholders, and the FCC does need to promulgate a policy that will guide the rapid development in the “best” directions possible without delay.

Not an easy undertaking, as there’s a broad range of interests to accommodate, as well as visionary leadership that needs to be exercised. And whatever “rules and regs” they decide on, will still have to go through the legal process of vetting and adjudication, where the big players will spend big dollars to either slow or speed the process.

Courts and Telecoms go together like cable and bad customer service… and the history of court cases suggests that litigation is the place where innovation and competition in telecom goes to die. And these cases can go on forever, which sometimes is all it takes to stifle innovation/ competition.

But not always.

Oh, and let’s not forget that sometimes these issues are handled by states and local laws, such as we see for some cities where laws are being created to block municipal open access networks. Would the FCC rules effect that too?