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There are many terms that are used in describing learning. Differentiated Instruction sounds a lot like Adaptive Learning, but it’s not exactly the same either.

Adaptive Learning may be defined as the online server algorithm version of differentiated learning, but with a real time component and formative assessment ongoing etc. Whereas differentiated learning has been around since long before online real time data analysis was available.

How Technology Can Automatically Differentiate Instruction video here.

From a series of videos at Knewton called “Knerds on the Board”. Originally thought this meant BOD, but no, it’s board as in white board.

Here’s 4 more videos on Differentiated Instruction from Knewton.

And a link to Knewton “Education Videos” main page. A rich resource for cutting edge ed tech ideas.

(Admin note: Tried for hours to get the How Tech Differentiate video available at Knewton to embed here, but Knewton had put the file into a format that I could download, and play back with VLC, but not post. PSA wants to know how to secure our own videos for posting at our website…so that it can only be viewed by those we invite, and so that it doesn’t become replicated and reposted or accessible to the general public.

This is important for various reasons, including copyright law issues of what “clips” from other sources we can “drop into” our video. There’s an ongoing battle between video “owners” who want to distribute their content and users who want to repurpose it. Otherwise known as Digital Rights Management, an issue that is worthy of a number of posts all on it’s own, and that we’ll be visiting regularly in the future)