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As PSA realized a while back, the real “trick” to actualizing the potentials of cloud tools for OTL and DLE, involves designing a package of elements that each work together to enhance the others. As noted, this will take some time to achieve, and may never end up being a “one package” fits all. In the meantime, we have efforts to include numerous elements together such as LRM tries to do:

LRM is a process that unites various tools and technologies to achieve the look, feel, and functionality of an LMS. This process combines learning modules and assessment features with other capabilities, namely a constituent relationship management platform (CRM), a student success or retention solution (or many solutions rolled up into one), and predictive analytics


BTW, perhaps we might temporarily find this term “Learning Ecosystem” useful, as it conveys a complex interaction of various elements that in some ways enhance the success of the whole. And ecosystems are notoriously difficult to understand in totality too. Make a change with one part, for example the pollinators such as bees, and the whole ecosystem can collapse. Interdependent yet often obscure relationships exist. Such also the world of DLE and OTL.