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From a series by the New York Times on robotica.

This might seem not all that impressive because of the present limitations of the technology. And it’s probably not that threatening to think that AI Teddy Bears can help kids with chronic diseases etc. However it reminded me of the movie by Kubrick and Speilberg “AI” that was all about the challenges of dealing with robotic animals and robotic children, and robotic adults.

It also reminds me of those horrifying experiments with monkey babies, where they were given fake mothers (dolls) to relate to instead of real mothers, and the effect that had on their emotional growth. Presumably, these would be designed to NOT create emotional development deficiencies. Alas, every change has a certain amount of the unknown built in, and we will need to be brave and courageous voyagers to keep up with the changes new tech will continue to bring.

A remote diagnostic doctor has ben dispensing “healthcare” for LCPS remotely for a few years now. Forget exactly what the robot looks like, or whether they dress it up in a white coat.

Technology limitations for robotics will decrease, and capabilities will increase, and maybe a lot of kids with illness will have their own robot at home. Or maybe a lot of kids will have a multipurpose Teddy Bear robot at home, that can, among other things, play doctor when needed. When it’s not helping the child with learning activities, and conducting DLE for all the kids over at that house from the neighborhood.