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Kudos to Gary for link from Marginal Revolution University stuff, and this quote below, which just begins to touch on the ways that a Social Learning Construct would be constructed… to include guides on the side, facilitators, learning curators, learning concierges, (16 additional terms), and if we still like the word, why not, tutors.


You do know that private tutors are the missing secret element in MOOCs, right? All sorts of internet learning will go better when private tutors are available on demand. Yet for the non-wealthy it does not always make sense to hire a private tutor on an ongoing basis. Still, you might have a few questions which can be cleared up in fifteen minutes or so, if only the person were available on relatively short notice.


Let’s bring private tutors into the sharing economy. Recently I heard of a new Dutch start-up,, which is trying to do exactly this. I am hopeful.



The challenge starts with how to connect those who have something to give that someone else needs in a learning environment, a SLC. This isn’t a one way process where the knowledge givers are in one pile, and the knowledge takers in another. Instead it’s a dynamic ongoing process where those who know share with those who need to know, depending on specific moments in the flow of learning.

Synchronously or asynchronously…using lots of different cloud tools…including an adaptive learning component to find the right resource at the right time etc etc. Many to many, many to one, one to many, one to one. Just to get started on the new forms of how guidance and even instruction will occur in the cloud.

Perhaps good to once again note the princpal that one retains best what one “teaches” to someone else, which is one of the reasons DIY learning is coming….and also a reason why collaborative learning in a SLC will be the “best” way to go.