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Prezi has done some partnering with TED. This below caught my eye, because it uses a Prezi in a TED talk, and we will be using some Prezi in “What Is Learning Today?” video.

Clearly it’s also tapping into a hot button topic for humans; understanding romance. Finding a hot button to push can be quite useful to support engagement obviously.

Also of note, because this is a bit of a counterpoint to the post from “Teaching Online Series” that pointed out we needed to be careful with meaning when using big or small data.

Here the presenter is saying, look, even in parts of human behavior that we would normally consider beyond the realm of rationality and formula, patterns can be uncovered, and analyzed, using tools of math.

Oh, and one more thing. In lieu of a “studio set” like some TED talks have, they are just going with a completely black backdrop/ background. This has a pronounced effect of popping her out and focusing us entirely on her image. It probably helps that she has vibrant red hair. What other colors pop against black? Would having her wear a pink blouse created too much vibration?

We can do the same with a green screen background, which can be replaced by a all black, or all white background, or anything of course pretty much.

Simplicity in this case also helps when the talk cuts to the Prezi, with the white Prezi background being in contrast to the preceding black backgrounds.