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Knewton has expanded a beta program that is now accessible to pretty much anyone involved in education, consisting of a selection of online courses incorporating some key parts of a dynamic learning plan. (DLP).

Knewton, who in the last year partnered with textbook and other learning resources giant Pearson,  invited a select group of teachers to help create these online courses, to submit lesson plans and accompanying resources including video, and to help come up with the trigger questions that allow big data to be generated in real time by students.

Then that data is analyzed by Knewton server farms around the US, and the follow up materials sent back to the user attempt to fit just what the learner needs to pay attention to right now.


The news is one can sign up and try this out today. I’m checking it out now, and will report on what I learn in coming weeks. This link was suggested by Gary, for whom we give thanks.

Download (PDF, 130KB)