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There is much speculation on what is going on with the US economy, and the stagnant wages, and lack of high paying jobs for the large groups of college graduates the US “puts out” every year. Innovation and automation seems to be having a significant impact, as well as globalization and competition from China and others. What else is going on?

PSA is very interested in how these  economic changes affect appropriate educational programs, methods, institutions, and accreditation….along with their costs and benefits.

One way to think of online learning opportunities, is that they don’t have to have the same cost structure as present 4 year colleges, and they also can be very flexible in content, giving the learner an ability to adapt to job availability and ongoing changes in that sphere.

Here’s an article by John Cassidy who often writes on economic issues for that magazine. He brings up some current perspectives on the value of college educations, and discusses which seem to make the most sense. We of course don’t necessarily have to agree with him, and as with much economic writing there are statistics cited, and then conclusions drawn, and as we know that can be a very problematic equation.

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