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Kudos to Kris for suggesting a look at David Jones weblog which examines in detail the working of Moodle, what he likes, and doesn’t like. Kris goes on to say:

“I like his posts because he is sharing by “thinking out loud” on topics of interest to him in the world of e-learning at Austrailian universities.
In this post,  he is interested in using data to find out how the Moodle LMS is used at a “feature level of analysis” by university teachers after adoption.
Like us and our interview process, David Jones hopes interviews with particular people also may help explore interesting patterns of usage that may not surface from traditional surveys about teacher experience.”


From Mr. Jones weblog, comes a soon to be, if not already, famous quote, which aligns with our take that doing E learning well is a comprehensive amalgamation of 7 core elements, each of which will prove hard to “master”, let alone combine effectively.

E-learning is a bit like teenage sex. Everyone says they’re doing it but not many people really are and those that are doing it are doing it very poorly (Laxon, 2013)