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As is already occurring, the cloud capabilities of distributing video to viewers around the world, is encouraging production of video by large media companies, but also by mom and pop, and sis and bro.

PSA believes video production is going to be a “service” provided by myriad entities, such as perhaps car repair is today. Video often wants to be fresh and new, and thus is somewhat insatiable, and is hungry for more content day in day out.

This article emphasizes larger video production and distribution companies, which might be where the investment dollars would naturally gravitate, but there would still seem to be room for more grassroots level production to burgeon.

Vertical being another word for extreme specialization, as well as one stop shopping. We do it all for you, is something that, especially for short form video, a local production capability might be best suited.

Local knows local needs better  and can likely also offer affordable services because of smaller overhead and capital investment. Plus local might be a good match for local school districts, and local health care, where having that local component is crucial for effectiveness.

And local implies DIY, or a participatory relationship to content creation. In the competition for eyeballs, remains to be seen how finely sliced consumers of video will be…at a certain point possibly too finely sliced to provide enough profit for larger companies.

OTOH, local production values can’t match the high budget effects and actors/ directors that national entities can. So probably there’s an inherent split in user loyalties and choices?

This link to a blog by venture capitalist Mark Suster was curated by Gary.