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After interviewing Julia Parra about what she sees happening with learning today, I took some time to follow up on some suggestions from Julia regarding the technology evolution.  Thanks to Julia for leading us at PSA to some quality links in our pursuit of the latest in learning today.

Here is a Ted Talk suggested by Julia Parra, “We are all Cyborgs Now”. The video helps explain how technology is evolving us as humans.  The talk is a good visual for better understanding the “Medium is the Massage” by Marshall Mcluhan.  John has often posted about understanding media and the technology extensions of our senses and brain.

Another suggestion from Julia, was checking out “Network Analysis” as an approach to better understand knowledge in the world today. I found the this Ted Talk blog as an example of how networks can visually help us understand human knowledge.

As designer Manuel Lima points out in his TED Talk, A visual history of human knowledge, the network has become a powerful way to visualize much of what is going on in the world around us. “Networks really embody notions of decentralization, of interconnectedness, of interdependence,” says Lima. “This way of thinking is critical for us to solve many of the complex problems we are facing nowadays, from decoding the human brain to understanding the vast universe out there.” Here, Lima shares a few of his favorite network graphics.

Gallery: Gorgeous networks that help us understand the world