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A defined learning experience (DLE) may be formal, such as offered by institutions. Or a DLE may be informal, such as the MOOC model for training, professional development, and learning centered on learner interests and goals.

Learning circles, run much like a book club, are described in this article as an informal learning approach to bring groups together to take free online courses in a library or anywhere where a facilitator can help learners pursue learning goals. The facilitator is not considered a content expert.

Learning Circles add a social element to what is otherwise a solitary learning experience by bringing people together in person to take an online course together over six to eight weeks, with the help of a facilitator. Librarians at Chicago Public Library (CPL) partnered with the nonprofit Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) to make online education more accessible through this program.

Online Learning: Why Libraries Could Be the Key to MOOCs’ Success