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Curation is a buzz word at present it seems, and for good reason. Now that information is ubiquitous, what does that mean for learning and education, and training…and workforce development? We’ll be discussing this from various angles in the months and years to come. Here’s one example of some of the current buzz on curation from the “Training” magazine.

Session Description
One of the challenges faced by trainers and instructional designers is their lack of real-world experience of the content they are trying to train people on. There is a huge gap between the knowledge and information and its application. The gap is fueled by the sheer volume, high speed and ongoing change of massive knowledge to be learned by workers.


As a consequence courses are boring, lack real-life applications and irrelevant. To arrest the decline in the quality of training programs, companies are shifting training efforts to curated learning. Trainers are also shifting careers from being designers and trainers to becoming curators.


Topics covered:
How to gauge your company’s readiness for curated learning
Conduct an inventory of your trainer versus curator skills
How to start curated learning
Where to find the opportunities to make a shift in careers
How to build skills and which ones create immediate impacts
What are hi-tech and low-tech tools for curated leaning
Attend the webinar and obtain a virtual “sandbox” or “playground” where you can test and implement curated learning.