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There have been a number of posts here on the very important role the FCC plays in the evolution of affordable access, and net neutrality. The present change in US administrations changes the balance of power on the FCC, moving the interests of monopoly Telecoms to the fore, and the interests of affordable access to the rear.

This also affects the content we will have access to, as net neutrality functions, and regional or municipal broadband networks, will have less protection or no protection going forward.

Not good news for advocates of greater affordable access for all, and for an open playing field for content for “mom and pop” size content creators. Startup innovators in education, and non profits will have less affordable access to offer their tools online, costs for small businesses of all types online will increase, and even the worst case scenario of outright refusal to allow certain content to be available on monopoly Telecom could occur.

Alternative providers who seek to establish new broadband access to compete with monopoly Telecoms may be blocked by rules making them economically or otherwise unfeasible. We don’t know that all this will occur, but those who would like to see those things occur, now have the upper hand in federal rule making and oversight.

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