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NMSU graduation pix from Las Cruces Sun News. Poignant suggestion of where grads “heads are at” today… these are our present versions of future employees…or possibly future employers…or whatever is coming next in the knowledge economy.

Somehow this reminds one of the pictures in Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage book…where images shared the meaning with the text in about a 50/50 ration. One is also reminded of Norman Rockwell paintings, which “said it all” with images.

Besides being in a virtual reality space even when getting diplomas, we can note a few other obvious signifiers. One, they are all women, which is meaningful in today’s higher ed which is dominated by female graduates.

Secondly they all have different footwear, signifying different future roles in society? Or different fields of knowledge? Would we be able to make any assumptions of what the women in the purple striped socks is going to be doing post graduation, or what the high heels signify today?