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Ferreira’s decision marks the end of a nearly nine-year run at Knewton, where he strived to build technology to pinpoint what students know, don’t know and should learn next. Key to such a tool was the ability to capture data—lots of it—to adjust the feedback and sequence of content that learners would encounter based on their performance

PSA has followed Knewton’s progress since the early days of our library of posts. They talked of providing “Big Data” analytical tools to mom and pop online learning pioneers at affordable prices. Their focus on “Adaptive Learning” has also been a leading generator of powerful new ideas for ways of enabling “just in time” curated content and interactive responsive cloud learning tools.

Innovation often doesn’t proceed in a straight line, so Mr. Ferreira’s future activities will be worth watching, as well as future activities for the company he left behind…Knewton.

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