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See what developers, researchers, educators and thought leaders considered in shifting professional development toward a system demonstrating competency of specific skills rather then the current practice of “seat time”.

Digital Promise hosted a Summit on the Future of Educator Micro-credentials January 9-10 in Redwood City, CA.

We explored the opportunities and challenges — from educator engagement, micro-credential development, research and policy considerations, and incentives and value propositions for stakeholders — for scaling impact of the educator micro-credential ecosystem.

During the Summit, we engaged with important questions, such as:

How can micro-credentials add value to an educator’s professional learning journey?
How do various stakeholders perceive the value of micro-credentials in the ecosystem?
What are the right research questions to measure impact and what data do we need to pursue those research questions?
What structures do we need to maintain rigor, reliability, and accessibility while scaling for the growing number of interested educators?
How can micro-credentials support various roles in schools?
See the Summit’s featured speakers and challenge sessions by checking out the detailed agenda here.

We would like to thank all of our partners who attended the Summit and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation for their generous support