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PSA, along with everyone else, struggles to get a clear view of where the future of the communications revolution is taking us, with VR, and AI and automation, and a host of other changes. Crystal Ball malfunctions are frequent.

Here’s one taste of a comprehensive speculation about where we are headed. Offered not so much as an accurate perspective, or the best that such speculation can provide, but rather as an outline sketch of ideas we will need to get a lot better at understanding, and a spur to asking those questions we will need to ask.

from the forward:

This book is a work in progress. What you are reading now is a rough draft with lots of problems and placeholders.

The process of writing in this way is an example of what I call the “knowledge loop” in the book. The knowledge loop consists of learning, creating and sharing. My writing is based on what I have learned. By sharing early, others can learn from my ideas and I in turn can learn from their feedback.


And from Section 5.6 “Power of Knowledge”

Like biological evolution, knowledge as I define it is subject to an ongoing process of selection and reproduction. Some knowledge is revised over time, some possibly lost altogether, some supplemented by new knowledge, some interpreted in new ways, and so on.

As with biological evolution, my definition of knowledge focuses on the cumulative effects of the process of transformation over time. And that effect is extraordinarily powerful.