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Ngage NM unveiled a new website that uses a survey to connect parents  with young children with resources online.

Some of those services include Avance, Head Start, First Teacher parenting classes, La Clinica de Familia’s Healthy Start program, home visits by CHI St. Joseph’s Children, and early intervention services.

The tool is similar to the “Am I Eligible” feature the state Children, Youth and Families Department launched recently at However, the website designed by Ngage is centered more on services specific to Doña Ana County residents, Lopez said.

This is exactly the kind of thing where online access to services can multiply the effectiveness of various service providers in SNM. PSA supports more of these initiatives, and hopes to see more program content available online subsequently, so that service providers might address 2000 or 20,000 families with their services instead of, for example, the 200 they can accommodate F2F.

Download (PDF, 123KB)