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Considering some of the possible changes in educational policy to come, perhaps it’s useful to note that the policies for “Vouchers” and “Charter Schools” vary immensely across the states, and across regions and locales in the states. The National Conference of State Legislatures is a non profit non partisan organization that tracks a lot of information across the country related to such educational issues, (as well as other issues).

The NCSL alternates leadership each year between the two political parties, and thus may be a reliable resource transcending polarized approaches to education policy. In any case, it has a lot of information. Here’s a link to their “Interactive Guide to School Choice” which was posted just a few days ago.

Below, at the bottom of this post, a state by state comparison of school voucher programs. For a list of similar documentation for state by state information on charter schools, go here.

For more comprehensive educational statistics, there’s documentation from the IES National Center for Education Statistics. Their “The Condition of Education in 2016” report is over 300 pages, but as a PDF it has a TOC sidebar for direct access to a topic.

Download (PDF, 29.54MB)

Below are two summary documents from that report, “Highlights” and “At a Glance”.

Download (PDF, 191KB)

Download (PDF, 147KB)

Download (PDF, 155KB)