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As PSA believes, learning tools and MO, especially those based in the cloud, can apply across the spectrum of learning, from soup to nuts, if you will.  That means what works in one learning context using cloud tools can be applied to other learning environments, with of course some changes.

That’s sort of the way AI works: algorithms from one group of apps, or data sets derived from one group of neural nets, can be applied to other fields and endeavors as previous posts here have noted.

This applies to learning from  education in schools, to education of the workforce, to professional development, and to corporate learning of various types. Companies taking more “responsibility” to train up their employees is a growing sector of education, perhaps by necessity… and how they do so, is relevant to best practices for learning of all kinds.

One might note that as a locally relevant example of corporate learning,  the “call centers” here train their employees who have to be good at communication skills. The training has to be efficient and really work, because of the rapid turnover, and transient nature of the industry.

Presumably when those jobs move on, as has just happened with about 500 jobs here in LC formerly with Sitel, those employees thus trained could use their communication skills in other jobs doing different work.

Kudos to Gary for this link to a comprehensive exploration of Corporate Learning trends.