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Story in LCSN re adults getting needed education and training while continuing with their other adult responsibilities. Inspiring; story notes opportunities for this group made possible by New America charter school in LC, focusing “like a laser”…on the needs of adult students, especially those who didn’t finish HS, and whose ESL skills need major work.

DACC has programs serving adult education in LC as well, where those who might have already graduated HS, and don’t need a lot of ESL support, gain needed trainings, and step up through levels such as required for advancement in many different city jobs, trades, and licensed professions here. My neighbor on one side went to DACC night school to earn HVAC certification required by his US Gov employer here.

For another example, someone in waste management with the city qualifies through testing to be a certain level in capability, and to advance, needs training in the next level qualifications. What my neighbor on the other side did. So learning is going on in important ways all around us, it seems!

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