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Magic Leap is a company working on VR, AR, and MR…that’s very well capitalized, but whose product development has been secretive. Here’s three articles that discuss how Magic Leap and Apple might be working together, what Apple is doing with VR and AR and “Mixed Reality”

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Devine said his job is to wander around Magic Leap’s offices in Plantation, Fla., and talk with everyone about what “mixed reality,” or blending real-world images with computer animations on platforms like smartglasses, really means. He finds “mixed reality” is a more fitting name than “augmented reality.”



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For yet another teaser about Augmented Reality, see video below. AR is one of the more exciting EdTech developments still in the early stages, and offers the potential to dramatically change learning of ALL kinds. One might say we already have augmented reality in smart phones, and smart watches, and smart earphones, because they tend to be part of our body… wherever we go…they go.

But our predominant sense and perceptual wetware is our visual eye/brain tool. So “augmenting that” in a hands free always available manner, will have huge impact. One of the big obvious changes to being mobile, is that access to learning doesn’t need a classroom building/ warehouse for kids.

Augmented visual sense carries that even further, because not only is learning not circumscribed by the physical space, it’s not circumscribed by much of anything, even lack of daylight. (presuming back lit google glass…).

AS noted above. many are working on a sort of mashup of Augmented Reality hardware with VR hardware…as we want the immersiveness of VR sometimes but we also want to have our cake and eat it with VR imposed on reality with AR.